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Stressless Style

Creating the Perfect Entertaining Space

How to Transform Your Dining Room Into Your Favorite Room Reimagine Its Potential Once you’ve cleared the stacks of laundry or papers from your dining ...


Comfort Anywhere

Device-Free Getaway Destinations

Perhaps it’s time for you and your family to unplug on a device-free vacation. When you disconnect from the nearest Wi-Fi (and even cell) signal, ...


Wellness Dept.

The Benefits of Talking Over Texting

Here are the benefits to putting down the phone and engaging in direct conversations instead. You Can See Body Language Observing how people react during ...


Just a Taste

Finding Time for Family Dinners

But with increasingly busy schedules, getting everyone to the dinner table at the same time isn’t an easy task. Try these simple tricks and tips ...



From Small Talk to Medium Talk

You don’t have to elicit life stories or provoke intense debates on politics and religion with every chat. It’s not an interrogation. There’s a middle ...


Berit's Bliss

The Milan Fare

This key furniture fare is one of the most exciting places  to see and hear about the future in furniture. In my role as interior ...