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The Incomparable Beauty of the Norwegian Fjords

Long, deep and branching out in many directions, more than 1,000 fjords wind their way into Norway, bringing history to life before your eyes with ...


Comfort Anywhere

Reveling in the Midnight Sun: Summer Nightlife in Norway

Inspiring countless Norwegian artists and writers, the midnight sun also entrances nature lovers and nighttime revellers, revealing Norway’s stunning natural beauty through an entirely different ...


Stressless Style

Less Is More: Embracing Simplicity in Interior Design

Less Is More Getting your head around a redesign that embraces simplicity must first include a strategy to reduce the buildup of stuff and eliminate ...


Just a Taste

Traditional Norwegian Food and Drink Culture

Traditional Foods Traditional Norwegian foods retain their popularity for all the right reasons: They’re delicious, deeply satisfying and help Norwegians retain a rich connection with ...


Wellness Dept.

Creative Ideas for a Stay-at-Home Date Night

Instead, have a date night in the comfort of your own home. A stay-in date can be a fun, romantic and budget-friendly alternative to a ...


Berit's Bliss

The Milan Fare

This key furniture fare is one of the most exciting places  to see and hear about the future in furniture. In my role as interior ...