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Reconnecting With Family

Our parents aren’t getting any younger, and we can’t rely on them to take the lead anymore. In many cases, they’re no longer planning annual ...


Stressless Style

Making Your Outdoor Space into an Entertaining Space

Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular, but if your home wasn’t built in the last 10 years, it might not be as livable as ...


Wellness Dept.

Creative Ideas for a Stay-at-Home Date Night

Instead, have a date night in the comfort of your own home. A stay-in date can be a fun, romantic and budget-friendly alternative to a ...


Just a Taste

O Jul med din Glede

The Julaften menu varies by region. In the North and the coastal districts, dinner features lye-treated lutefisk or codfish, while in the East, it’s pork ...


Comfort Anywhere

Device-Free Getaway Destinations

Perhaps it’s time for you and your family to unplug on a device-free vacation. When you disconnect from the nearest Wi-Fi (and even cell) signal, ...


Berit's Bliss

The Milan Fare

This key furniture fare is one of the most exciting places  to see and hear about the future in furniture. In my role as interior ...