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Color Trends to Watch for in 2017

As the interior stylist for Ekornes, it is my job to always keep a pulse on the world of color. With the year coming to an end, I am eager to look ahead to upcoming trends in home décor and am thrilled to introduce you to our new Stressless leather selections.

Colors are a form of self-expression. Like an artist, you can mix and match solid shades or play with patterns to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind masterpiece in your home. Whenever I am given the opportunity to pull together a new palette for Stressless, I look for ways to harmoniously tie all hues together.

The new additional 2017 leather colors add breadth and depth to our coverings. Our color scale has also expanded from very light, almost transparent finishes to pastels and deep leathers with sharp tints. New purple and green offerings make it possible to explore fresh color combinations within an otherwise classic collection.

With so many different options come a range of opportunities for experimenting. Mix warm browns and oranges with purples and light blues for a space that is both warm and diverse. Or, combine new takes on neutrals with pastels for a neat representation of Scandinavian elegance. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a glimpse at our new colors for 2017


DRAMATIC BATICK: Dark hues, timeless neutrals and golden yellows.

  • Smoke Rose: A soothing pink
  • Mimosa: The perfect yellow
  • Wild Dove: Commercial grey
  • Atlantic Blue: A deep Nordic blue


DIVERSE CORI: Consisting of deep reds and an exquisite grey, our newest Cori colors are adaptable to any style room and home.

  • Silver Cloud: A transparent grey
  • Brick Red: Bold and modern red


DARING PALOMA: The latest Paloma hues are fearless and vibrant. These shades can stand on their own or be part of a daring color combination for the most stylish of living spaces.

  • Amber Green: Light and soothing green
  • Purple Plum: A fresh lilac
  • Apricot Orange: Warm and inviting orange
  • Beet Red: Rich and energetic
  • Dusty Rose: A neutral pink

Don’t be afraid to let these colors stand on their own against neutrals, or mix with other exciting shades found throughout your home. The canvas is yours!

Happy decorating!

Berit Steffenssen

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Berit Steffenssen

Berit is the Interior Stylist for Ekornes and lives in Alesund, Norway. She studies color, textile and interior design trends from Paris to Morocco to bring the best of what she sees to the Stressless collection. Along the way, she shares ideas for bringing new trends and touches from around the world into your home.

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