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Istanbul and Milan: Seeking Inspiration in Fabrics

I recently adventured to both Istanbul and Milan and was amazed by the high-quality fabrics and design – not to mention the beauty of the cities.


Only connected by bridges, one part of Istanbul lies in Europe and the other in Asia. This old town has a storied past in fabrics as the silk industry has played an important part of Turkey’s history.


Milan’s culture is centered around art, fashion, design and cuisine. Milan is a very beautiful and popular tourist destination, which brings people in from all around the world to see the stunning landmarks and experience this amazing city.

The Evteks, located in Istanbul, is not your typical fabric fair. What I enjoy most about it is that it is a fair where two completely different styles come together in an impactful way. It is here that the western styles and trends mesh with the eastern styles and trends and the two worlds intermingle through radiant colors seen through the fabrics.

This year it was apparent that the eastern style was becoming more aligned with the styles we are seeing in Western Europe. This could be seen most through the vibrant red, calming blue and earthy green colors on display.

In Milan, I saw some beautiful trends and colors that would be a great fit for Stressless. Take a look at some of my favorite shots from my trips below.







IMG_1423 (2)

Berit Steffenssen

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