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La Dolce Vita: Living the Sweet Life in Northern Italy

Late April is a bustling time for Lake Como, Italy as all the Italian Mills are gathering for their annual trade fair. As you can imagine, this fair is a special one for me because the surroundings are incredible and the Italians are excellent with colors and textures. In my opinion, one of the most fascinating things to see at this fair is how the Italian sense of color has been passed down through generations. In all the old houses and churches in Italy you will find gorgeous color combinations reflecting the beauty of nature, the sea, stones and the mountains. Italians seem to have a way of intermingling these colors to create a stunning space.



This fair is also busy because many of the Mills are in old villas, which lie in surrounding areas outside Lake Como. Since the events are not all held in one place, we are required to travel quite a bit to see everything. But in this famous European vacation destination, I don’t mind!


We also get to visit many old and beautiful Italian homes, which are lent out by the people who actually live in them. In addition to exploring new fabrics, we get a behind-the-scenes view of how Italian homes are actually decorated and lived in.

Not to mention, the inspiration we gain from the textiles on display is invaluable. Here are a few shots from my stay:





Berit Steffenssen

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