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Saying Goodbye to Another Norwegian Summer

The long, dark and cold Norwegian winters make summer time even more special for the locals. It is the time of year we get to enjoy nature and spend plenty of time outdoors hiking in the mountains and enjoying the fjords. This is also when the weather is the most pleasant in Ålesund, where I live with my family. Mild temperatures make it ideal for summer festivities.


As the interior stylist for Ekornes I am often turning to nature and my surroundings for inspiration to apply to home décor. I love the gorgeous summer colors seen throughout the country. Between June and September, the surroundings are lush and green. I try my best to incorporate it in my home accents by filling vases with wildflowers from the yard. It is an easy way to add a pop of happiness to any room.


Perhaps one of the most beautiful summer colors in Norway is that of the midnight sun. Not to mention, this is arguably one of the most unique parts of a Norwegian summer. The further north you go the longer the days are and in some places the sun will hardly set, turning the sky gorgeous shades of orange, red and pink. All shades that are perfect inspirations for playful home accessories like placemats on a table or pillows for a sofa. A little touch of these bright, bold hues go a long way.


I also enjoy the colors of the boats in the harbor. A crisp white paired with mahogany wood is a timeless look and easy to bring into the home through seating and tables. It just goes to show, sometimes the simplest inspirations can be found all around you.


Bringing summer tones into the home can make the season last a little longer. Be moved by your surroundings. Look for items and objects that speak to you and find ways to add them to your décor.

Although I will miss the cheerful days of summer, there’s something refreshing about a change of season. I look forward to the scenery and weather that comes with autumn and the fun ways to channel new surroundings through decor.


Berit Steffenssen

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Berit Steffenssen

Berit is the Interior Stylist for Ekornes and lives in Alesund, Norway. She studies color, textile and interior design trends from Paris to Morocco to bring the best of what she sees to the Stressless collection. Along the way, she shares ideas for bringing new trends and touches from around the world into your home.

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