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Spring Inspiration!

High Point Market in the Eastern United States draws together an international mix of home furnishings professionals, retailers and designers twice a year—in the spring and fall. It’s a time for brands to introduce their new offerings and for my team and I to prowl the showrooms and weigh our creative ideas against developing trends we spot.


This year I had experts in leather, color and fabrics with me, and we used the opportunity to do some final evaluation on the coverings we will announce this fall. While I will keep that part a secret, for now, I want to share some of the market highlights I thought would interest you.

The colors were fabulous! Bright hues were abundant, with many shades of green playing out in room scenes at market. It’s clear that green is now growing in popularity in the United States, while the trend is already strong across Europe and Asia. Paloma Summer Green is the Stressless signature color this year, and we showcased it in our new sofa ottoman (below right).


Green represents thriving growth, flowing life, a healthy environment. It’s such a versatile and invigorating color, that it can be matched with many other hues. In fact, we saw bright and cheerful colors throughout. Calm and cool blue balances the vibrancy of green. Fun and flirtatious tones like bright pinks, deep reds and corals play off green’s grounded nature. Anytime you sprinkle these happy colors throughout a living space you will achieve an energetic feel.


Rich finishes and coverings were plentiful at this show. Of interest was the amount of velvet making an appearance on accent pieces. These touches add true luxury to a room. Leathers in ultra buttery textures were seen here and there…a nice option instead of the tough coated varieties. Metals – both shiny and matte – continue to dominate. Copper, rose gold and bronze remain very popular.


What might all this mean for you? Add some outgoing color to your main living spaces this spring and summer. Indulge in one or two luxurious accents that reward your hands as well as your eye. Keep a sharp eye and find inspiration wherever you go, then let your creativity take flight.


Berit Steffenssen

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Berit Steffenssen

Berit is the Interior Stylist for Ekornes and lives in Alesund, Norway. She studies color, textile and interior design trends from Paris to Morocco to bring the best of what she sees to the Stressless collection. Along the way, she shares ideas for bringing new trends and touches from around the world into your home.

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