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Exciting news for Stressless! We will soon be adding a new grey tone to our wood options for recliner bases. I personally feel you can’t go wrong with grey. Pair it with a white leather recliner or a light blue for a modern look.


I recently traveled to Sweden with the men responsible for the process of staining the European beech in our factory. It was interesting to learn about the staining process and work with the team to perfect our new colour.

Developing the stain was fascinating. It was like science. We tried different recipes over and over again until we got the exact shade of grey.


As you can imagine, creating a new stain is time consuming and failure is easy. One little adjustment can make the shade just right or very wrong! First you need to spray the stained beech and let it dry. Next, add lacquer to it and then you wait… and wait some more. If you’re not satisfied you have to repeat the procedure until you get to the point where it is ideal.


Now it’s time to bring this practice home to our factory in Norway so we can start offering this fabulous grey colour. We are proud to say this will be on display at High Point Market at the end of October. Check back next month for photos of the gorgeous recliners with new grey bases.


Berit Steffenssen

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Berit Steffenssen

Berit is the Interior Stylist for Ekornes and lives in Alesund, Norway. She studies color, textile and interior design trends from Paris to Morocco to bring the best of what she sees to the Stressless collection. Along the way, she shares ideas for bringing new trends and touches from around the world into your home.

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