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Making Space for Your Workspace

The average full-time American employee spends thousands of hours each year working and many spend some or all of those hours working from home. To reduce stress, it’s important to keep your day job separate from the places where you relax and escape—like your bed or couch. But what happens when you don’t have a pre-defined space for an office? Here are a few ideas for multi-purpose work spaces that can work for any home.

10_Making Space for your Workspace2

If you have a spacious kitchen you can carve out a bit of space for working by simply utilizing a large kitchen island or extra counter space. Create specific areas for your papers, laptop plugs and other essentials so you don’t leave them lying around the kitchen. It’s the quickest way to misplace something or annoy your spouse!

10_Making Space for your Workspace3

If you have a small home, you can cleverly disguise a closet as an office. Add a few shelves to the walls, a desk with integrated storage and a comfortable office chair to transform the space. Added bonus: You can easily tuck the office away by simply closing the door.

10_Making Space for your Workspace4

If you’d prefer to do your work in a more spacious area, a guest room may be the perfect answer. You’ll just need to allow enough space to accommodate guests when they arrive. Using a hide-away bed could be a great option for a full-time office, part-time guest room.

10_Making Space for your Workspace5

If you truly space challenged and none of the options above will work, you can improvise and build yourself a small office in the hallway or beneath a stairway, which generally remains unused. A small section of a wall should be enough, like the wall adjacent to the coat hanger. You can also save some space by using a suspended storage cabinet above the desk.

10_Making Space for your Workspace6

And if you have a bit more room, a detached guest or pool house is the perfect space to corner off an office. It allows for the peace and quiet you need while working, but doesn’t put you too far from home either.

Creating a space that’s right for you, your home and your family isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it! And it doesn’t have to be a space to simply work, it can be a perfect area for paying bills, sewing, completing crafts projects, scrapbooking, and writing letters. So no need to stress. The possibilities are endless!