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Mixing High End with Trendy Finds

Have you ever walked into your favorite design shop and fallen in love with a funky lamp, but wondered if it’s just too outrageous for your home? Or, how about a wild rug for the living room?

Some shops have the best curated selection of accessories, vintage items and small furniture just begging to come home with you. From retro Lucite and chrome lamps to burlwood boxes from the turn of the century, there’s literally something for everyone – and in these types of stores, the inventory changes almost daily.

Although furniture-of-the-moment is fun to decorate with, it can be difficult to decide what items will mix and match best with the core, high quality pieces you already own. Here are a few ideas for the rooms in your house:

Dining Room

The dining room is often one of the most formal rooms in the house, which means it is full of mainstay or heirloom furniture, such as a large table and chairs, a sideboard or china hutch. Since these provide the structure of a room, they afford you the liberty to have fun with beautiful handmade pottery, pillows, textiles, candles and everything in-between. One 2014 trend is creative light fixtures that take your room outside the norm. Think pop colors or found objects to incorporate in a chandelier that plays off the classic items you already have.

Living Room

You likely spend most of the time in your living room, so furniture, such as seating, needs to be comfortable and durable. These will likely be your major investments. If you stick to neutral leather seating, adding in trendy, less expensive, finds is easy. Radiant orchid is the color of the year. This light purple goes great with cream, brown or black fabrics and leathers. If the color is too bold to add to your living room walls, it certainly can be done in other small, tasteful ways. One example is to add this pop of color is through textiles: a throw, bright pillows with embellishment, or a thick knit blanket your family will want to curl up in.


Bedroom sets often last years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some stylish flair. A simple fix is in the bedside lamps. Geometrics are in, but might not last decades. Find a well-priced faceted lamp for your nightstand to add some style for now… for less. These fun fixtures come in bright colors or warm metals – whatever matches your taste and whim.


Not everyone has a home office, but if you do, it’s a great place to start introducing new trends that match your classic desk and ergonomic chair. Nautical rope is a new look for 2014, and would make a nice addition to accessories in an office dominated by wood and leather. A rope paperweight looks great on a stack of table books, or a woven basket is a stylish way to keep odds and ends tidy and organized. Find simple ways to add a tactile touch of fiber.

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