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How to welcome your Stressless® furniture into the family

Now that you’ve purchased a Stressless® sofa, recliner, office chair or dining room seating, it’s important to officially welcome it to the family. In Norway, hosts are very informal and like to make their visitors feel at home right away, so go ahead and break out the Aquavit and give a toast to your home’s … Continue reading How to welcome your Stressless® furniture into the family

Comfort Anywhere

The World’s Best Beaches—according to Stressless

At Stressless, our Norwegian heritage leads us to believe that we know a thing or two about rugged coastlines and beautiful beaches. Norway’s coastline touches three seas—the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. Our mainland coastline, with its many fjords and islands, is the second longest in the world. With summer winding … Continue reading The World’s Best Beaches—according to Stressless

Stressless Style

Stressless®  Living Room Printspiration

People love prints, especially in their wardrobe, but when it comes to adding prints into the home, many get intimidated. How much is too much? What colors go with what? What is in style? Will it look stupid? These are the questions many of us ask ourselves when thinking about incorporating new pillows, drapes, throws, … Continue reading Stressless®  Living Room Printspiration

Just a Taste

Stressless® Summer Cocktail Pairing

Summer is officially upon us and there is no better way to celebrate and beat the heat than indulging with a delicious cocktail while you sit back and relax. You may expect us to tell you how to match your furniture with pillows and throws, but here are some unexpected and fun pairings for your … Continue reading Stressless® Summer Cocktail Pairing

Wellness Dept.

Stressless Summer Staycation

Vacation is everyone’s favorite summer activity, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s a time to get away from the daily grind of work and chores to reset and relax. The concept of vacation started thousands of years ago with the ancient Greeks and Roman Empire, particularly with the wealthy. Europeans then adopted this time away … Continue reading Stressless Summer Staycation