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On the road again

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, summer officially begins. And we’re like birds let out of cages—this year more than ever—as we emerge from the bleak days of lockdowns and quarantines, social distancing and self-imposed exile. We’re not advocating anything crazy here, but maybe it’s time to get on the road again? Last … Continue reading On the road again

Stressless Style

Stressless® Celebrates Constitution Day

Gratulerer med dagen! This is how Norwegians greet each other on May 17. On this day people in Norway commemorate the signing of their constitution and simultaneously their independence from the Kingdom of Sweden on that date in 1814. It is Constitution Day in Norway, a helligdager (public holiday) as the Norwegians say. A day … Continue reading Stressless® Celebrates Constitution Day

Comfort Anywhere

Living well means feeling at home in your home

After a year of self-imposed isolation, working from home, ordering in and sheltering in place, we’re understandably stir crazy and maybe even a little anxious. We’re feeling trapped rather than relaxed, as our sanctuaries have become confining. It was wonderful to come home after a long day at the office or just from being out … Continue reading Living well means feeling at home in your home

Just a Taste

‘Tis the season to give thanks

[dropcap]Norwegians always say thank you. In Norway, you thank the cook; you thank the people around the table, and perhaps you even thank providence for providing you with life-sustaining food. “Takk for maten” means “Thank you for the food.” During this season of giving and gathering, of eating and sharing, it’s nice to say thank … Continue reading ‘Tis the season to give thanks

Wellness Dept.

Be well within by finding your zen

Hurricanes. Wildfires. Social unrest. All set against the backdrop of a global pandemic. No wonder some people find themselves “catastrophizing,” which is imagining the worst possible outcome and obsessing about it. It’s a national pastime these days, at least in America. In fact, according to a pre-pandemic Gallup poll, Americans were already among the most … Continue reading Be well within by finding your zen