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4 Stressless® Designs To Guide You Through Norway

Stressless® strives to create furniture that embodies the essence of fine Nordic design by maximizing comfort and quality, while maintaining a minimal ecological footprint. Geographically divided into five main regions: Northern (Nord-Norge/Nord-Noreg), Central (Trøndelag or Midt-Norge/Midt-Noreg), Western (Vestlandet), Southern (Sørlandet or Agder) and Eastern Norway (Østlandet/Austlandet), each Norwegian landscape has its own eccentric style that’s encapsulated in Stressless® furniture.

As we take you through each of Norway’s diverse regions, here are some pieces sure to put you at ease.

Northern Norway

Located above the Arctic Circle, Northern Norway comprises about one-third of the country. The region is known for its 76 days of midnight sun from May through July. In the winter, Northern Norway is the perfect place to experience the majestic Aurora Borealis, or dancing rays of color across the starry night skies. Experience the solitude and tranquility of the Nordic land in our Stressless® Reno recliner, guaranteed to provide you with warmth and absolute contentment. Featuring soft foam and an adjustable neck support, this recliner will give you a great spot to lounge.

Central & Western Norway

The Central and Western regions of Norway encompass the nation’s beauty within. Featuring mountainous fjords, azure blue rivers and lush lowlands, this region also boasts a vibrant cultural scene, including Norway’s iconic cathedrals, elite universities and gothic architecture. Most of the region’s land is surrounded by wide inlets of major fjords, making it ideal for farming and fishing. With the region’s roots being bound in farming, antiquity and authenticity, Stressless® has a designer piece that will bring the countryside indoors. With its rounded contours, plush cushioning and fine wood detailing, the Stressless® Eldorado sofa will provide you with a unique combination of comfort and elegance.

Eastern Norway

Eastern Norway has a variety of climates and landscapes, with mountains to the north and west, forests to the east and beaches to the south. Over half of Norway’s population lives in the nation’s capital of Oslo, stretching along the northernmost end of the Oslofjord. The metropolitan area is best known for its innovative architecture, captivating landmarks, art museums, nightlife, world-class food and rich Nordic history. Like the urban population of Eastern Norway, the Stressless® Metro recliner adapts to any living quarters and suits city apartments without sacrificing floor space. This retro-modern piece comes equipped with a stylish rotational base, fresh lines and a headrest pillow to unwind after a long day.

Southern Norway

The southernmost part of Norway is known for its picturesque rocky islets and coastal villages. The “Norwegian Riviera” is the go-to vacation spot for many locals and tourists during the summer months of June through August, where the climate is exemplary. When you’ve had enough of the sun and need a nap, Stressless® has the perfect piece to help you rejuvenate and get back to having fun. Taking its name from the gentle oscillation of the ocean, the Stressless® Wave sofa introduces a new type of comfort technology. Sit down and drift off with its individually reclining seats that adjust to your body’s movement.

Whether your décor style fits the frost-covered tundra of Longyearbyen or the urban center of Oslo, the unique and sustainable designs of Stressless® furniture offer luxury comfort tailored to fit every lifestyle.