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Just a Taste

Norway’s Summer Olympic spirit: Utepils

We here at Stressless® like to live well and indulge in comfortable surroundings and timeless design. But part of living well also means being active. Norwegians are very active folks. Not just in the wintertime when they go for their beloved cross-country ski run. No, also in the summertime when they can enjoy the great … Continue reading Norway’s Summer Olympic spirit: Utepils

Stressless Style

Creating Comfort Through Color

Have you ever heard of color psychology? The London Image Institute defines color psychology as a facet of color theory that assigns emotional and psychological connotations between colors and emotions. Although most of these feelings and emotions are universal, it’s important to keep in mind that some are cultural, like the Scandinavian color palette. The … Continue reading Creating Comfort Through Color


The Halfway Point of 2021

Here’s a summer travel idea for you: revisit yourself! If you feel like each week is going faster than the last, you’re not alone. It’s almost like it was just yesterday that we were all setting our New Year’s goals, dreaming about what could be. Suddenly, we’re heading into the final days of June, which … Continue reading The Halfway Point of 2021


Get an instant $100 for every $1,000 spent*

Until August 2, receive a $100 instant rebate for every $1,000 you spend on any qualifying Stressless® furniture.* With this incredible offer, you’ll be able to get our newest motorized innovations – Stressless® Mike and Max recliners and Stressless® Emily and Mary sofas – for hundreds less. Now’s also the perfect time to bring Stressless® … Continue reading Get an instant $100 for every $1,000 spent*

Wellness Dept.

Meet you at the hytte?

With over a year of isolation under our belts, we have to figure out how to emerge. We were dependent on the free space and fresh air the outdoors offered as we distanced from each other and avoided the indoors. It’s time to redefine our relationships with nature, family and friends, and ourselves. How do … Continue reading Meet you at the hytte?

Comfort Anywhere

Living well means feeling at home in your home

After a year of self-imposed isolation, working from home, ordering in and sheltering in place, we’re understandably stir crazy and maybe even a little anxious. We’re feeling trapped rather than relaxed, as our sanctuaries have become confining. It was wonderful to come home after a long day at the office or just from being out … Continue reading Living well means feeling at home in your home