Wellness Dept.

A New and Welcome Year

Are you feeling in a funk after the holidays? It can often be difficult to get back on track after the New Year, and here at Stressless® we want to ensure you get off to a great and energetic start! Here are some of the most important things we recommend you do to ensure you have better health, more happiness and rejuvenated motivation in 2022.

Improve your diet

With every New Year it is common to turn on the television and see commercials on being healthier and losing weight.  Our recommendation is not to diet, but to simply make a better effort eating healthier overall this year.  Recognize what you are putting into your body and be mindful. If you do not enjoy vegetables, try incorporating them into a tasty breakfast smoothie. If you eat mostly white bread, try swapping with wheat, and maybe skip the after-dinner snack (kveldsmat) a few nights a week if normally enjoyed daily. Most importantly, always enjoy balance. Refer to some of our tasty blog posts for some recipe inspiration!

Women relaxing in Stressless recliner

Get more sleep

The stresses of everyday life can have a huge impact on sleep and sleep quality. Without proper and regular sleep, it is hard for the brain to function properly. Additionally, lack of sleep can lead to a weakened immune system, slower recovery and cause depression. If you’re having trouble getting the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep, test out these hacks.

  • If you share the bed, try having two duvets so that sleep is not disrupted by playing tug of war.
  • Purchase blackout curtains for any windows in the bedroom. Light will wake you up.
  • Do not wear thick PJs. Overheating will disrupt sleep.
  • Add calming features like candles, small pebble fountains, pale color accents and appeasing wall-art/décor.
  • Remove any clutter, it can stress you out! Keep a clean room.
  • If you have time in the day and are working from home, take a 15-minute power nap on the recliner. We have great options to catch a few zzz’s at Stressless®!

Woman meditating


Meditation is a great way to fill ten minutes before heading to work, the last 15 minutes of your lunch break, or the time before you go to sleep. Meditation is a proven way to decrease anxiety and stress. While there are many forms of meditation, our favorite is Acem meditation, which was started in Norway in 1966 at the Acem School of meditation. It is now a practice of meditation worldwide. Rather than concentrating on having no thoughts, this form welcomes spontaneous thoughts to come and go. Acem meditation offers courses online and in person for beginners and experienced meditators. There are also meditation retreats you can sign up for. To learn more about this practice, visit Acem.com.

Couple jogging in the park

Move your body

You do not have to necessarily purchase an expensive gym membership to get fit. Although, if it is in your budget, the next few months of winter might make that a viable option. If not, just go outdoors. Yes, even in the cold! Both being outdoors and getting in steps can help keep you happy and in better shape this new year. Dress appropriately and take a winter walk, ice skate, snowshoe hike, or take up alpine or cross-country skiing. Once the warmer months come around, find a weekend hike with a view. Biking, jogging and swimming are all other great choices, as well. The benefit of going outdoors over a gym or indoor class is getting your vitamin D, which supports immune and bone health, and improves your mood.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, here are some summer and winter Norwegian hikes for your next visit in the Scandinavian north!

We hope that at least one of these four recommendations can help you and your loved ones have the happiest and healthiest year yet. Stressless® this 2022!