Comfort Anywhere

Autumn is the season of koselig in Norway

We’ve covered off on hygge, the Scandinavian notion of wellbeing, as well as dugnad, which is Norwegian for pitching in. We’ve sung Hurra for Deg to Norway’s beloved Queen Sonja on the Fourth of July, also known as Queen Sonja Day in Norway. Now, as the leaves turn and the temperatures drop, ‘tis the season to embrace yet another Norwegian tradition—koselig—the art of being cozy.

Norway, the mythical land of fire and ice, of fjords and Vikings, is also where Stressless® furniture is made. There’s nothing cozier than cuddling up on your favorite Stressless® sofa. So, let’s emulate the Norwegians as they transition from breathtakingly beautiful summers to magical winters blanketed in snow. Let’s savor that sweet spot in between, when the air is crisp, and the sky is astonishingly blue. You can see your breath, and your heart calls you home. It’s autumn, the season of koselig.

The concept is not exclusive to Norway. We feel it too. It’s the season of pumpkin spice lattes and open windows. And this year, maybe it’s just a little bit extra special. We’ve been cooped up, sequestered and socially distanced, not by choice but by necessity. Now it’s time to choose cozy. Let’s stay home intentionally and embrace the idea of kos which is all about warmth, comfort and indulgence. It’s cashmere turtlenecks and fleece blankets, hearty meals and rich wines, dogs sleeping at your feet and cats curled up in laps.

Here are a few ways you can get your cozy on:

Change out your pillows, blankets and rugs

Put away those cool linen shams and bright, colorful cushions in favor of more muted options. Find a Tibetan lamb fur throw pillow for your favorite leather recliner. Toss a sheepskin rug across your bed or on the hardwood floor in front of your hearth for a luxurious touch. Faux fur, Shetland wool, heathered bouclé fringe and chunky knit tassels are all just right for fall pillows, blankets and rugs. Choose natural, earthy colors in a variety of textures to create depth and interest.

Add the warm glow of candlelight

Twinkling tealight candles graced your outdoor dinners over the summer. Now’s the time to go all out with your scented favorites by the tub, on your mantle and maybe even in your fireplace. Lanterns, votive holders and even simple pillar candles create a pleasant ambience.

Make a hearty fish stew

Autumn is the season to break out your perennial chili or chicken soup recipe and let it simmer in a slow cooker. This year, why not try a hearty Norwegian fish stew with seasonal vegetables? You can use cod, haddock or any white fish. Here’s a simple recipe from the Land of the Midnight Sun that will feed your stomach and your soul.

Then pour a cup of something steamy or perhaps a shot of aquavit, Norway’s high-octane national drink. Put on some music, and break out the board games for a perfectly koselig Norwegian evening.