Wellness Dept.

The Benefits of Taking Your Vacation Days

Do you feel uncomfortable taking your paid vacation days? When was the last time you used all of them? Year after year, employees are leaving more of their allotted vacation days on the table. While being at the office every day might give the perception of productivity, the benefits that come with taking your paid time off heavily outweigh that view.


Reconnect With Family and Friends

Vacation doesn’t always have to mean spending a week on a beach in the Caribbean. It could just be a quick trip to see family and friends you don’t see very often.

If you have family or friends who live across the country – or around the world – plan a short trip to see them! Whether you’re exploring a new city with them or just hanging out and catching up, the trip will give you a chance to take a step back from your day-to-day responsibilities and get a new perspective.

Get Away and Travel the World

There’s a huge world outside the four walls of your office, but if you’re not taking your paid time off, you could be missing out. Think of your vacation time as an opportunity to visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Whether it’s going to New York City for Fashion Week, exploring centuries-old castles in Europe, seeing Norway’s breathtaking fjords or taking a tour of New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes, you should find something you have always dreamed of doing.


Millennials tend to take less vacation time than their older colleagues, but it’s arguably easier for them to take road trips, backpack and explore the world because they don’t have a lot of the obligations – like a family and a mortgage – that make traveling more complicated and more expensive.

Recharge Your Batteries

Refreshing your body and mind are, perhaps, the most important benefits of taking your vacation time. You might think that your selfless work ethic is making you stand out, but studies have shown that taking time off actually boosts your productivity, reduces the risk of burnout and relieves stress.

To really recharge your batteries and make the most of your time off, unplug and decompress. If you’re constantly checking and responding to emails, you won’t get the full productivity boost – so turn off your phone and live in the moment!

Do yourself – and your coworkers – a favor. Plan your paid time off well ahead of time and take it. When you return to work, you’ll feel better, more energized and ready to take on your next challenge.