Just a Taste

Experience Endless Stressless

Innovation has always been at the very heart of the Stressless concept. From patented comfort technology to leading green initiatives, we are always looking for ways to enhance the Stressless lifestyle. For months, the creative team has been hard at work to bring a whole new Stressless experience to your fingertips. Have you ever wondered … Continue reading Experience Endless Stressless

Stressless Style

Lady Lair is the New Man Cave

The man cave isn’t a new concept. It has long been heralded as an essential amenity for any hard-working fellow. It’s his place to relax, unwind and escape from the stresses of his daily routine. While we love the stress-free lifestyle a man cave promotes, the concept needs a little expanding. It’s time for ladies … Continue reading Lady Lair is the New Man Cave

Stressless Style

Meet Our New Low-backs

There’s always a reason to celebrate at High Point Market, but this season especially so. As part of the new Stressless Metro and City style groupings revealed in January, we debuted the first low-back Stressless recliner to designers, media and trade at this season’s High Point Market. The low-back model has a similar look and … Continue reading Meet Our New Low-backs