Celebrating fall the Norwegian way

Fall is just around the corner with its official start on Sept. 22. In the states it is time for cozy sweaters, boots, pumpkin-flavored and scented everything, and visits to the nearest family farm. We all know and love these traditions as the trees change color and scary movies play on television, but we wanted to go back to our roots by celebrating and sharing Norway’s best fall traditions. Afterall, without Norway, there would be no Stressless® furniture at all!

Cozy up in a cabin

Hytte (cabin) culture is a way of life in Norway and particularly popular in the fall. Many Norwegians have weekend cabins where they escape to enjoy nature and all the great outdoors has to offer, such as wonderful fall hikes. Cozying up by a fire with a warm blanket, good book and hot tea is celebrated in Norway during this time of year.

Sit back in the sauna

Not many people are aware how popular saunas are in Scandinavian culture. Not only do many homeowners have saunas in their homes, but saunas are also scattered individually for public use, and some are rented out to tourists for private sessions. For those who live by the ocean, it is a popular practice to hit the sauna and take a dip, repeat. The perfect way to sit back and relax as the weather begins to turn.


Northern Lights

While December through March is noted as the optimal time to see the Northern Lights, many natives of Norway try to catch early glimpses from September through November to beat the tourist season and traffic. Heading up north in Norway to view the magnificent skies as a weekend activity, is nearly as common as families in the states hitting the local pumpkin patch.

Fall is for festivals

Norway is the host to many festivals during the fall season. The top three festivals during this time are, arguably, the Bergen International Film Festival, the Insomnia Music Festival (EDM) and UKA, a biannual festival that is the largest cultural festival held in Norway by students from the city of Trondheim. The Bergen International Film Festival is popular among families, educators, and those in the industry. The Insomnia Festival caters to young adults and UKA has a mix for everyone. Regardless, autumn is the time for all Norwegians to partake in such events.

Sweaters are better

Norwegians and Americans can at least agree on one thing during the fall. It is sweater season! Sweaters are a bit more traditional in Norway, though. Many locals produce their own wool and make beautiful garments and sweaters. They do not come cheap, averaging at about $200 USD each, but Norwegian sweaters are known to last nearly a lifetime and are the best bet to keep warm during autumn. Many travel sites and blogs even recommend that tourists purchase a handcrafted piece while visiting, regardless of the time of year, due to their beauty and quality.

Whether in Norway or the states, it is safe to say that fall is a popular, if not the most popular, season of the year. There are endless ways to enjoy the autumn months and partake in activities no matter where you are on the map, and at Stressless we hope you can enjoy all that this time of year has to offer. Don’t forget to visit your nearest Stressless® dealer today to partake in your ultimate comfort no matter what the season may be.