Stressless Style

Embracing Henna in Your Home and Lifestyle

Optimal comfort and relaxation—at home and in life—begin with your own beautiful collection of inspiring looks. Fashion trends, seasons of the year, personal tastes and a range of lifestyles all have an influence.


Creating the world’s foremost luxury furniture brand means staying engaged and taking notes. For an industry leader like Ekornes, forecasting trends is an integral part of our process.

Innovating interior design styles over nearly a century of experience means watching color trends and building on them. The seamless blending of style and design can help define a comfortable, calm lifestyle, and it all begins with color.


A local plant popular in Africa and India, henna has been used as a hair dye for thousands of years. As a source of ink for intricate and beautiful, temporary body art, henna is often used during weddings and other times of celebration.

Inspired by this rich cultural history, Henna is a trending color for the new year and the new signal color from Ekornes for 2017. Available on all Paloma leather Stressless sofas and recliners, Henna embodies classic, earthy tones like burgundy, clay and brick. Henna blends perfectly with the peak comfort and contemporary, Norwegian interior design that Stressless furniture is known for.


Color trends cycle through history. The deep reds inspiring our Henna show up everywhere from 15th-century China to Mark Rothko’s color experiments of the 1950s. Henna remains relevant today, on the cutting-edge of industries like fashion, design, technology and architecture.

When you invest in Stressless furniture to decorate and enhance the comfort of your home and lifestyle, consider embracing timeless, familiar hues like Henna. Elevate your personal space with a vibrant new sense of stylish, modern elegance that’s always been classy. Consider tying in exterior and interior colors, as Henna blends elements from both environments seamlessly.


Both modern and classic, Henna offers a balanced, confident color signature. It’s the perfect complement to our distinctive 2017 recliner and sofa designs, but Stressless never limits your choices. We offer four leather types, 14 textile options, more than 100 colors and a range of exclusive, patented, ergonomic features and designs.


It’s easy to find your own unique comfort with Stressless, where we imagine superior comfort and innovate to create it.