Stressless Style

Comfortable Living Inspired by Nordic Design

Building a soothing sanctuary to call your own takes time, effort and a laid back style. Want a shortcut to the ideal chic yet cozy look? Turn to Scandinavian design for home decor inspiration and you’ll be on your way to an effortlessly beautiful space that whispers “Come relax!”

Design Tip #1: Simplify Your Color Palette

A calming color palette is part of the reason Nordic rooms feel so welcoming. To get the look, start with a blank slate of white walls and wood floors then add a touch of muted color like pale pink, taupe and light grey. Keep it toned down and refreshing by selecting colors that won’t overwhelm the eyes or mind.


Next, enhance your living space with textures. A thick cable knit blanket or white sheepskin footstool can add a bit of playfulness to an otherwise simple space. Throw in a pale hand woven mat, add clusters of pop art on a wall, a raw wood coffee table or industrial pendant lamp.

Design Tip #2: Connected with the Outdoors

If you’ve spent five minutes in Scandinavia, you get it. From the rich fjords to the majestic snow topped mountains, the landscape is stunning. Scandinavians have a true respect for nature and do an excellent job of bringing the outside world into the home.

Perhaps the simplest way to add a touch of nature to your environment is through plants. Potted succulents add a nice touch to a modern space. A fern brings lushness. A stand of three potted fig trees makes a statement! Maximize lightness in a room. Use large mirrors to bounce and spread light. Go without heavy window coverings if you can. It will allow natural light to shine in.


Design Tip #3: Favor Functional Pieces

Nordic design is heavily focused on functionality. Part of the reason a Scandinavian home feels warm and comfortable is because each room is meant to be lived in and each item in that room serves a purpose. The rule of thumb to follow is if you don’t use it, get rid of it. Don’t let clutter ruin the clean lines of a room.

When selecting functional pieces keep an eye out for craftsmanship. Look for a kitchen table built from solid wood or a recliner engineered to withstand the test of time. Weed through poorly made and mass-produced products. Placing value on something that is well-made will help to ensure the furnishings in your home remain functional for years to come.

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