Stressless Style

Creating Your “Fam” Cave

Remember family movie night? That one night of the week where every member of the family would clear their calendars, put their phones away and enjoy a movie with the family. Having a dedicated space for a home theater or family media room is a great way to get the whole family interested in bringing back your weekly movie night!

The ultimate “fam” cave is more than just a room with a television — it’s a thoughtfully-designed, stylish, inviting and comfortable space. And a functional room like this can also be used for several other purposes, including watching the big game with your friends, playing video games and more!

Televisions and Projector Screens

Naturally, the screen you choose for your fam cave will become the room’s focal point, so consider the room’s size and shape before you choose a place for it. Your viewing angle is important as well. Looking up at the screen for prolong periods of time can cause strain on your neck and lead to an uncomfortable viewing experience, so you should place your television or projector around eyelevel (from the seated position). Once you’ve placed your television or projector screen, make sure you hide any visible wires and cables to create a clean and seamless look.

Premium-Quality Sound

A major part of seeing a movie at a theater is the immersive acoustics. With recent advances in speaker technology, you can reproduce a high-quality theater-like experience without taking up too much space and running wires around your room. Try placing small wireless speakers around your fam cave to find the proper placement for optimum sound quality.

Comfortable and Functional Seating

Since you’ll be spending several hours at a time sitting, seating is probably the most important aspect of designing your new fam cave. When considering seating, choose comfort and functionality. Your seating should recline and move with your body and provide superior support for your neck and spine. Look for seating with clever storage solutions for remotes and cups.

In addition to looking for comfortable and functional seating, consider customizing a seating solution that fits you and your family. A customized sofa, several customized single seats or a combination of both can make watching movies in your fam cave a truly unique and personalized experience.

Proper Lighting

Even though it’s often overlooked, choosing the right lighting is crucial for a premium viewing experience in your fam cave. Ideally, your space will have no windows to eliminate the potential for glare, but if there are a few windows, consider hanging blackout shades or curtains. Some blackout curtains even reduce the amount of noise coming through the window.

As for artificial lighting inside the room, it’s best to choose dimmable lights. When the movie comes on, dim the lights down low to truly recreate the experience of going to a theater. To help people find their seats and move around in the dark, you can add recessed LED floor lights.

Get the family together for movie night with the ultimate modern home theater! From the right screen to speakers, seating and lighting, every aspect of your fam cave is designed to make your space where everyone in your family will want to be.