Stressless Style

Creating the Perfect Entertaining Space

How to Transform Your Dining Room
Into Your Favorite Room

Entertaining friends and family is one of life’s most enjoyable experiences. Comfy chairs and plush sofas are great for hosting casual get togethers – but when it’s time for eating, drinking and game night, the dining room is the ultimate location. Trouble is, the formal dining room is often a dry, forgotten-about space reserved for holidays. Here are some ways you can reclaim this underutilized area of your home and transform it into a year-round destination.

Reimagine Its Potential

Once you’ve cleared the stacks of laundry or papers from your dining table, you can start envisioning how you want the room to function. Consider the type of entertaining you enjoy most and the furnishings it requires. If you like serving buffet-style, be sure to include a spacious sideboard or work surface. If you host more cocktail parties, a freestanding bar might be a better solution. Feel free to break the standard formula of table + chairs + china cabinet + rug + chandelier = boring.

Cater to Comfort

If you’re not hosting formal dinner parties, why have a formal-looking dining room table? Instead, go with a table that’s fashionable and functional. Choose a size, design and finish that fits how you want to use the space. Comfy chairs are also essential to a well-designed dining space. As you gather friends and family, you want seating that supports leisurely meals and encourages lingering conversation. If you have children or pets, look for leather or performance fabrics that are durable and easy-to-clean.

Think Inside the Box

Once you’ve addressed the function of the room, it’s time to add elements of style that will engage and delight your guests. Think of your dining room as a box and consider every plane and surface. Consider replacing a traditional chandelier with two statement-making light fixtures or hang a string of patio lights around the room for a more casual look. Add an oversized canvas or artwork to create an intriguing focal point. Paint or wallpaper the ceiling to add color and texture without taking up valuable floor space. Replace old drapery panels with blinds or shades that let in more light and feel less formal. Keep decorating and enhancing the space until it feels as comfortable and visually appealing as your most loved rooms.

Break It In

The most important thing to change about your dining room is how often it gets used. Just like cloth napkins and the “good” china, dining rooms can feel too precious for everyday living. Break that pattern and recruit the space into service. Whether it’s book club, neighborhood bunco or taco Tuesday with the family – host it in the dining room.

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