Stressless Style

Design Trends 2022

Spring is just around the corner and what better way to honor the season than to do an interior makeover? We are not talking about your typical “spring cleaning” here. The coming months are a time to revamp your style and make some major changes in your home. The time to throw away and the time to buy new. Here are the five hottest design trends of 2022.

1. Chocolate hues are sweet

The white space craze is phasing out. The all white room left a prison cell feeling for many during quarantine through COVID. According to Global Workplace Analytics, it is estimated that 30% of employees globally will continue to work from home following the pandemic. Working from home, or not, people want to have a safe and cozy place to inhabit after so much isolation the past two years. Chocolate-colored walls do just that, along with other shades of brown and caramels, which create comfort through colors. These deep, rich neutrals allow for a warm yet elegant environment, where you will enjoy working and living.

 Stressless® Flora shown in Paloma Shadow Green

Wave Sofa

2. Bring the outdoors in

During the pandemic, individuals faced one of two situations. They either lived in an area like Lake Tahoe, where they could get outside and interact with nature regularly, or they lived in a location like New York City, making it very difficult to spend time in the mountains or warmer climates without the ability to travel. Both situations inspired people to tie in nature to their home décor. Tables and drawers with exposed wood, plants and deep green chairs and sofas, paired with allowing more sunlight into the home, helped homeowners embrace the outdoors, inside.

Stressless® Stella shown in Paloma Rock

Paloma Rock

3. Sit with sculpture

Sculptural and curved furniture is all the rave right now. People want to decorate their homes without too much clutter, which means that less is usually more. Removing big, bulky end and coffee tables and replacing them with those that have a sleek and creative flare will allow your living room to feel like you are entering an exhibit at the art museum. Getting rid of the many items that typically fill one’s drawers and line their tabletops will open the space and cleanse your home. Smaller features will allow for more floor space and will promote you to stress less.

Vase plant and desk

4. Mix old with new

Purchasing new furniture can be expensive, but for all the reasons above – worth it, too! That said, do not spend extra dollars on pricey vases, mirrors, clocks, bookends and other accent room pieces. Vintage items are said to be in this year, and they can be found at your local consignment shop or antique store at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Pairing modern trends with dated ones permits the perfect amount of character.

Woman admiring artwork

5. Amateur art

The days of gawking at Van Gogh are gone. Well, maybe not completely, but in terms of artwork displayed in the average residence, current times are calling for fresh paint on the canvas. Well-known artists sell their creations for thousands and even millions of dollars. Cut your interior designing budget down by investing in a painting by a younger professional on the scene, or an older local artist who is solely fueled by the passion of their craft. There are plenty of pieces that have a million-dollar look with a hundred-dollar price tag.

Here at Stressless®, we want to help you do just that. Without a doubt, changing up your living space and removing clutter this spring is bound to allow you the calmest and most welcoming environment you can imagine. Our Scandinavian design offers the perfect balance of comfort and style with several options to choose from that will fit your needs to follow all the new trends in 2022.