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Dress Out Your Home for Hygge

When the temperature starts to drop, it’s time to start dressing out your home for hygge! For those unfamiliar with the Danish word hygge, it’s loosely translated as “coziness,” but it connotes much more.

Virtually ubiquitous in Scandinavian countries, hygge is the Danish word for feelings of warm and cozy comfort. Without a direct English translation, the word is much easier to feel than it is to define. But despite being most commonly associated with cold weather, this long-standing Norwegian tradition has become a worldwide phenomenon, even in temperate climates!

Here are some tips for producing hygge in your home!

Find the Tea Kettle

There’s nothing more soothing than having a warm cup of tea while wrapped in a blanket, so find your tea kettle! Slowly brewing tea will begin to create the perfect atmosphere, filling your home with the subtle-but-unmistakable smell of tea leaves steeping in near-boiling water.

When the tea finishes steeping, grab your favorite mug, have a seat in a comfy chair and savor every sip. Mindfulness is an important aspect of Scandinavian coziness, so focus on the simplicity of the moment.

Light the Fireplace

Nothing says hygge quite like a warm and inviting fire, so build a roaring fire and gather around the hearth. Not only will the fire heat your home, it will also give you the cabin-in-the-woods aesthetic that contributes to your comfort.

Make sure you turn off your TV and put your smartphone away so that you can appreciate the soft crackling of the wood, which provides the perfect soundtrack for your comfortable evening at home.

Decorate with Rugs and Blankets

Your fire isn’t the only way of warming up your space. Throw a neutral colored rug over the floor and toss a sheepskin blanket over the back of your sofa to give your room an organic and earthy feel. Feeling the rug under your feet and the sheepskin blanket over your shoulders is sure to make you feel hygge.

Invite Friends

Even though this aspect of Scandinavian culture can be enjoyed alone, it’s even better with others! Invite your friends and family to your home for a cozy and relaxing evening by the fire.

Playing board games, sharing stories or just hanging out and enjoying one another’s company are great ways to experience Scandinavian coziness. Again, hygge is about being present in the moment, so when you’re with your guests, turn off your phone and give them your undivided attention.

Dressing out your home for hygge is about relaxing and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. The sensation is really a state of mind, but your surroundings can help bring out the feelings of coziness and closeness that are synonymous with traditional Scandinavian comfort.