Comfort Anywhere

Drift Off in Your Own Little Reading Nook!

Imagine a place that’s yours and yours alone, a place where you can drift off and disconnect. Imagine having your own little reading nook, decorated just the way you want.

Everyone needs a place to retreat from the rest of the world, if only for a little while. Here, you can dive into a good book and become a part of the story unfolding from the text before you. Free from all distraction, you can just sit back and let the pages take you away.

Here are a few suggestions from Stressless to help you create your reading nook. We hope you find them inspiring!

Rethink to Find the Perfect Space

You may not realize it, but the perfect spot for your own little reading nook already exists. How about the room beneath your staircase that’s just collecting dust? Or the corner of the attic where you stack old boxes? What about an empty corner of the hallway? There are countless places with potential. All you have to do is find which one works best and make it your own!

Do It Your Way

Decorate your reading nook in your style, then get comfortable and relax. The best part is that it doesn’t require a lot of space or many items. These are the essential elements your reading nook should have:

  • A comfortable chair that lets you relax and gives good support in all positions
  • Light for reading
  • Either a small table or side table stool to set your glass or phone on
  • A warm cozy blanket you can pull up when minutes turn to hours

Stylish and modern, classic, romantic, country chic or colorful. Only you know what will make your reading nook most inviting for you.