Comfort Anywhere

Eating at home never felt so good

Dining in has taken on a whole new meaning in recent months. We’ve been eating at home because eating out wasn’t an option. Now we can dine in just because we want to. Because Stressless has taken its dining chairs above and beyond awesome to, dare we say, perfection? Our new collection includes the Stressless® Mint and Stressless® Laurel, with the patented relax/recline design and wider seats, available with and without armrests and in both high-back and low-back styles.

Now you can find just the right dining chair to fit your body and lifestyle.

Al fresco, urban, under-the-stars dinner parties

The beauty of Stressless furniture is that it’s timeless and classic, sleek and beautiful. The seating adapts, chameleon like, to suit every environment. Are you an uptown condo dweller with a covered deck that offers a bird’s eye view of the cityscape? Do you dream of glittering, intimate dinner parties paired with fine wines, sipping whiskeys and stimulating conversation? That’s cool. The new generation of Stressless dining works for you. It’s understated, sublimely chic and effortlessly comfortable.

Cozy, home-cooked, family-style gatherings

Or wait, are you more of a mom’s pot roast, slow cooked and served at your kitchen table, kinda person? Lots of scooting around to make room for children and grandparents, guests invited and unexpected. Yup, Stressless has you covered too. Our dining chairs respond to the movements of your body to provide total comfort in a variety of positions, including the one where there’s a sleepy toddler squirming on your lap but you want to linger over coffee and talk to the grown-ups.

Dining space that doubles as living space

We’ve already talked about when working from home becomes the new normal and the challenge of blending work into your personal space. What better way to use your dining room table between meals? Just sit down in your favorite Stressless dining chair. Lean forward, and the chair moves to reduce the pressure under your legs while supporting your back. Lean back and enjoy the feeling as the chair reclines with you and the seat slides forward, for a more open and relaxing sitting position. It’s perfect for tapping away at your laptop or pausing to collect your thoughts, while you gaze out the window over the rim of a steaming cup of tea.

Regardless of the style, finish and fabric you choose for your Stressless dining collection, you’re living the Stressless life. And now you can save $50 (minimum 4-seat purchase through November 16). All the better to spend on the things to put on your table—candles, crystal, linen napkins, cut flowers in vases or fruit in wooden bowls.

The Norwegians have a saying: å være midt i smørøyet, which literally means to be in the middle of the butter eye. It’s about being in a good place, like a pat of butter melting in a warm bowl of porridge or risgrøt. When you’re sitting in Stressless dining chairs, you’re in a very good place indeed.