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Entertaining Essentials Every Kitchen Needs

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start planning holiday dinners, cocktail parties and family gatherings. You don’t need cabinets overflowing with fancy serveware to entertain guests in your home. Simply stock your kitchen with versatile items for hassle-free party hosting. From dishes and napkins to platters and cutting boards, we’ve compiled a list of kitchen essentials to serve up the perfect party any time of the year.

A Set of White Dishes

A basic set of white dishes will never go out of style. They can be used for fancy affairs or casual get-togethers. Classic white dishes blend into any party theme, and it’s easy to add more settings as your guest lists grow.

Bonus tip: Add a touch of vintage charm with mismatched antique salad and dessert plates.

Stemless Glasses

To add a touch of sophistication to any table setting, use stemless glasses. They can be used for any kind of beverage, whether it’s wine, cocktails, lemonade or water. And without the stem, these glasses are less likely to be knocked over and break, though you’ll want to have a few extra just in case there’s an accident.

Bonus tip: Remember to have an easy-to-use bottle opener readily available.

Natural Slate Coasters

Place slate coasters throughout your home to protect your furniture and ensure that guests have a place to set their drink wherever the party may take them. Natural slate complements any home décor and theme, making it the perfect party accessory all year long.

Serving Trays, Bowls and Platters

Be sure to have a collection of basic, yet stylish serveware in various sizes. Large platters are great for serving meat, while bowls are perfect for salads and sides. Go with a tiered tray for displaying appetizers and desserts.

Bonus tip: Use decorative trivets to set hot trays and platters on the table.

Cocktail Napkins

Here’s where you can have a little fun and let your personality or party theme shine. Fun and festive cocktail napkins are available for any occasion. You can even get them personalized – a great touch for engagement parties, baby showers, anniversary celebrations and more.

Lidded Glass Carafes

Glass carafes are great for serving water, sangria, sweet tea and other drinks. You can even use lidded carafes to store beverages in the fridge for everyday use.

Wooden Cutting Board

A wooden cutting board can be more than just a place to prepare food. Use it to serve cheese and other appetizers. From rustic to modern, you can find wooden cutting boards to match any kitchen décor and style.

Bonus tip: Keep a small selection of cheese in your fridge to make a quick snack when friends unexpectedly stop by for a chat.

Coffeemaker and Tea Kettle

Coffee and tea are the perfect warm drinks for afternoon visits or end-of-party relaxation. While a single-cup coffeemaker may be perfect for everyday use, invest in a large French press or multi-cup maker for parties. Get a sturdy, stainless steel tea kettle to quickly boil water for tea drinkers. Be sure to have an assortment of creamers, sugar and sugar substitutes and tea flavors to please all of your guests.

Hosting parties is a fun way to gather family and friends together for holidays and special occasions. Entertaining guests in your home is easy when you invest in these kitchen essentials.