Stressless Style

Essentials for the Modern Home Office

With many of us occasionally working from home — or even full-time — the modern home office must be a productive space to work. Embracing a modern style, with its characteristic clean lines and timelessness, can help you cut the extra flourish and build a distraction-free office that is conducive to getting work done.

Picking the Right Chair

Modern style emphasizes minimalism and functionality, and since you’ll be spending a significant amount of time sitting, your chair should be stylish and supportive. To accentuate your modern aesthetic, choose a chair with clean, sleek lines that hug your body. Natural materials — like leather and wood — add warmth and sophistication to any space.


For comfort and ergonomics, your chair should feature height-adjustment and lumbar support. A chair with a rotating base and wheels gives you even more freedom of motion while you work.

Setting Up Your Desk

Your desk is the centerpiece of your modern home office. Like your chair, your desk’s design should emphasize style and utility. Minimalist design is a hallmark of modern style, so only keep what you need to work on your desktop. Your desk is your workspace, and too many decorative pieces can become unwanted distractions.

Eliminating knickknacks and desk toys and keeping your desk clean, neat and generally clutter-free will help you stay focused in your workspace. Modern style desks are simple shapes that often combine a glass top with a stained wood or metal — frequently aluminum — frame.

Together, your desk and chair combination sets the tone for your modern home office.

Working Under the Right Lighting

The use of natural lighting is one of the most important aspects of modern design. For your home office, make sure that you open the curtains and let natural light fill the room. Exposure to natural light helps regulate your circadian rhythm and keeps you more productive throughout your workday.


Unfortunately, natural light can cast a glare on your computer screen, causing eyestrain. To reduce glare, avoid positioning your desk directly in front of windows. For the best results, place your desk perpendicular to your windows.

Like every other room in your house, your home office should reflect your personal style and be comfortable for you, so choose modern pieces that speak to you and complete your style. Adding these simple modern touches to your home office will add a stylish flair to your workspace and help you be more productive while you’re working from home.