Life Balance in a Chair that Rocks

Like the movement of a clock pendulum, rocking chairs mark the passing of precious moments: nursing babies, comforting youngsters, stealing some time alone, reflecting on a family grown and enjoying lap time with grandchildren. It all goes by so fast, as our elders often state.

A popular nursery wall plaque reminds young mothers to be mindful and be present — strive to strike a balance between chores and children.

So quiet down Cobwebs, dust go to sleep…I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.”

Perhaps this is good advice at all stages of life. Somehow time spent in chairs that rock is quality time, which becomes a fond memory.

One young woman lovingly restored her great grandmother’s gooseneck rocker as a visiting chair placed next to her terminally ill mother’s bed at home. For several weeks family and friends who dropped by admired and enjoyed the beautiful upholstered chair, which was a silent reminder of generations past and to come.

A mother of two always rocks her children to sleep be it naptime or bedtime. The closeness she feels when holding her children tight as she sings to them softly or reads them a book each day is so special to her. Over time, it has become their routine. The children climb up in her lap, snuggle in her arms and drift off to sleep. She always looks forward to their time in the rocking chair.

Can there be such a thing as too much rocking chair time? One grandmother of four thinks not. She recalls her husband saying nearly three decades ago that she was rocking their boy too much and that she would end up spoiling him—he’d be “soft.” Well that boy grew to become a Special Forces soldier – a “Green Beret,” she says smiling.

Regardless of your life stage we say, “Rock on!”  Add some high quality time in a rocker to your busy life, and make some great memories along the way.


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