Wellness Dept.

5 Ways to a Stressless Work Day

It’s 9:00 a.m. and pure chaos has already erupted at your desk. Your phone is ringing off the hook and interrupting every move you attempt to make. The morning task of sifting through the 70 flagged emails accumulated overnight seems especially daunting. Oh, and did I mention? Your boss needs that proposal you’ve already spent 40 hours on by noon, your peer wants to review the presentation for tomorrow right now and your client is patiently waiting for your input on an urgent matter that came up yesterday. Needless to say, your list goes on and on. At this rate, lunch plans are canceled and it’s lucky if you’re home by dinner because there just aren’t enough hours in the day… Sound familiar?

The scenario above is all too common for working Americans. So, if you’re having a crazy day, follow the five tips below and reduce some stress at work.

1.    Curb the Caffeine

Sorry coffee connoisseurs, it’s time to limit the caffeine intake. Although it’s delicious and fills the office with wonderful aromas, it’s one of the last things high-stress folks need. If you’re in denial, do a quick Internet search and you’ll find plenty of evidence for convincing.

2.    Phone a Friend

Everyone needs friends – they make people happy and keep us sane. Bring some sanity to your office by mingling with a coworker when you have a minute. Talking and laughing with someone will take your mind off the hectic tasks on your plate for the day and allows you to unwind. Plus, it’s fun.

3.    Get Comfortable

It’s a simple equation: comfort = relaxation. Okay, maybe it’s not that simple. Whether it is in the car, at home or at work, everyone spends a lot of time sitting. Finding a seat that supports your back and practicing good posture will help keep you and your spine happy and stress-free.

4.    Move it

We have all been taught exercise is great for you, but the benefits go further than a healthy body. Going on a jog or a walk will help clear your mind, give you added energy and release endorphins that make you feel happy. Finding time to workout with a busy schedule can be challenging, but even 15 minutes at lunch can do the trick.

5.    Create a Calming Environment

Surrounding yourself with things that keep you calm can help reduce your stress levels. Pictures of loved ones, a calendar of beautiful scenery or a plant can help take your mind to a better place when you feel like you’re going to snap. Find the things that keep you relaxed and put them on your desk or around your office. This will make you feel at home and at ease while working.