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Functional Accessories: Decorating with a Purpose

Clutter. It’s everywhere. Most of us have places in our home where we simply have too much stuff. Perhaps it’s the kitchen where our dishes and appliances outweigh the amount of storage space available. Or maybe it’s the office where cords for cell phones, computers and tablets pepper the desk. No matter what room it’s in, you can tackle the issue head-on by decorating in a mindful manner. Find ways to save space and eliminate waste through accessories that service dual purposes. With a few simple updates you’ll have a beautiful room designed to make life a little bit easier.

In the Living Room

The living room is where we go to relax. It’s a place to sit back and read a book, watch the evening news or enjoy a Sunday morning cup of coffee. Having a tidy living room helps keep these moments peaceful. Furniture is a great place to start for a purposeful space. Look for a sofa sectional with built in storage or cup holders so you can tuck away your remote control or other items that would typically be left on the coffee table. Ottomans can also serve a dual purpose if you find one with storage capabilities. A functional ottoman is a great place to hide a blanket or stacks of magazines.

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NOTE: Stressless offers a number of functional accessories that serve dual purposes. Request a catalog today.

In the Office

It’s easy to escape the chaos of your everyday with an organized office. Keep your desk clean with storage items that are as lovely to look at as they are to use. Find a decorative filing cabinet with a cushion on top. This can be used to store documents and serve as another chair for visitors. You can also keep your technology organized with a decorative charging station. It’s a place to charge your phone or tablet as well as hide unappealing cords. You’ll also never worry about finding the proper charger because everything you need can be kept in one place. It’s genius.


In the Bedroom

Have you ever noticed it’s hard to fall asleep when your room is a mess? Luckily there are many ways you can maximize your storage in a room where you keep most of your personal belongings. Start by organizing your clothing and accessories. Use a bookshelf as a place to neatly display fun accessories like evening bags or women’s pumps. You’ll quickly turn your wardrobe into a fun and interesting exhibition. If you prefer to tuck things away, go for a steamer trunk. The old-fashioned storage masters have a fun look to them and can triple as decorative object, storage space and even additional seating.


Get creative with your accessories and think outside of the box. You’ll quickly notice the impact an organized and purposeful space can have on the simplicity of your everyday life.