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Gather round! Samles rundt bordet – med komfort

Once again, the holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the time to samles rundt bordet med komfort (which is Norwegian for gathering around the table with comfort). This year more than ever, connecting with loved ones is especially meaningful. There will be many occasions to connect, be it over a traditional meal, drinking hot chocolate and listening to shared stories of holidays past, or simply playing old-fashioned board games with your cousins, siblings, and the next generation. Family time is something that should never be taken for granted.

Hot cocoa in blue mugs

Food feeds the soul as well as the body

One great way to connect and bring everyone together is to have a wonderful feast. It can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Host a potluck with everyone bringing a homemade covered dish or order Chinese takeout. Indian restaurants are often open on holidays for dining in or taking home your favorite masala chai or tanduri chicken.

A shared meal is something that not only embraces tradition, but also brings us together.
Delicious holiday food

Stressless lets you dine in comfort and style

When you’re hosting extended family and houseguests, you want your loved ones to feel comfortable, cozy and at home. Stressless dining chairs are versatile and work with any décor, so your home will look fashionable and festive at the same time. Our Scandinavian heritage inspires the simple design, creating an inviting atmosphere filled with style, creativity and coziness. The sleek look of the furniture will be sure to turn heads and catch the gaze of all who enter your home.

Stressless® Mint
Mint dining chairs

The unique Stressless dining chair responds to your body movements, automatically adjusting the seat and back position without levers or handles.  Lean forward and the chair moves to reduce the pressure under your legs while supporting your back.  Lean back and enjoy the feeling as the chair back reclines and the seat slides forward, giving you a more open and comfortable sitting position. The Stressless® seats are wider than initially introduced and come in a variety of leather and colors. Both the Stressless® Mint and Laurel models are available with or without armrests, two leg options and five wood options.

Stressless® Laurel
Laurel Dining Chairs

Celebrating half a century of seating

For over 50 years now, Stressless has been making quality seating and that quality has never diminished. Over the years one goal has stayed the same, to provide you with the most comfort and help to make sharing time with the people you love more enjoyable. Our chairs are designed to rid you of stress, as opposed to adding to it. Whatever your holiday plans entail this year, when the family comes to visit, make it a little easier on yourself–with Stressless!