Gifts that Keep on Giving

We all want to make our loved ones happy during the holidays by giving the perfect gift. This year, try something different by giving a gift that keeps on giving. Below are some unique ideas for everyone in your life.

For the Neighbor: Tickets to events are always an awesome gift, especially if it means having a night out and creating lasting memories. Plan an evening with your neighbors by finding tickets to a concert, sporting event or play. Some ticket sites are even committed to donating a portion of the proceeds to charitable organizations. This will give you time with your neighbors and help others in the process.

For the Best Friend: Start by thinking of all the amazing times you’ve spent together. Maybe you were enjoying a shared interest, hobby or favorite activity. Honor those memories with a gift that reflects your time spent together. For example, if you walk, hike or bike together, give a session with a personal trainer. If you share an interest, maybe tuck an exhibit, museum or event pass into the pages of a coffee table book on muscle cars or interior design – the sky is the limit! Of course, signing you both up for something new to learn or experience is always a personal touch and gives to them in more ways than one.

For the Coworker: Give to your coworker and the environment with a reusable coffee mug or water bottle. Try to find a product that’s heavily insulated to help keep drinks warm or cold throughout the day. It’s a practical gift that shows you do your part to help the environment.

For the Kids and Grandkids: Everyone wants to see their kids and grandkids succeed, so this holiday season help set them up for financial success by giving them the tools they need. Get creative with it by buying stock in something they’re interested in such as a favorite store or company. If it does well, it will keep on giving as time goes on.

For the Spouse: Give your spouse the gift of quality time and relaxation this winter by planning a long weekend trip. Whether it is a getaway to the mountains, beach or city, they’re sure to love it. Spending a weekend together in a new place will give to your relationship and will build memories for years to come.