Given from the Heart this Holiday Season

We all want to make our loved ones happy during the holidays by giving the perfect gift. This year is no exception, even though this year is quite the exception in so many ways. Let’s lean into the uncertainty and rise about the chaos with thoughtful gifting ideas for loved ones far and near.

For the Neighbor

Bake and take something and leave it on the doorstep. There’s nothing more neighborly than scratch-made cookies. And since these are trying times, think beyond the kitchen. How about a stack of firewood or a handwritten note promising to shovel the driveway after the first snow? Maybe pet treats are in order for the dog or cat next door. Or decorate your neighbor’s mailbox with holiday greenery and let them wonder who did it.

For the Best Friend

Start by thinking of all the amazing times you’ve spent together. Maybe you were enjoying a shared interest, hobby or favorite activity. Honor those memories with a gift that reflects your shared adventures. Because we can’t spend time with our friends in traditional ways, download some snaps of the good times and print them out as postcards. Then drop them in the mail with a handwritten note. Better than Christmas cards because they’re unexpected, these happy memories will end up on the fridge for sure.

For the Coworker

Many of us haven’t seen our coworkers in months, except in the stacked squares of Zoom calls. Why not pick up the phone and call your coworker for a one-on-one, off-screen chat? It’s a radical idea. Does anyone even talk on the phone anymore? If you get voicemail, leave a cheerful, upbeat message that shows you care. No complaining or bah humbugging, just straight-up holiday ho ho ho-ing. Tell ‘em how much you miss ‘em and how you can’t wait to see their faces in the New Year.

For the Kids and Grandkids

Everyone wants to see the kids and grandkids succeed, so this holiday season help set them up for financial success by giving them the tools they need. Get creative with it by buying stock in something they’re interested in such as a favorite store or company. If it does well, it will keep on giving as time goes on. Financial security is something to which we all aspire. Taking—and giving—ownership (pun intended) in the future is a step in the right direction.

For the Spouse

Give your spouse the gift of quality time and relaxation this holiday season by planning a curated staycation. We’re all stir crazy and homebound, but there are ways to make it special. Streaming favorite movies together. Watching the kids and sending your spouse off to a hot bath with a good book and a glass of wine. Fixing a special meal together and turning off all screens, even phones. Get creative and be practical. Spending special moments together in place will give to your relationship and will build memories for years to come.

From your friends at Stressless®, we wish you peace and joy this holiday season!