Holiday ‘Romjul’ Reflections

Holiday ‘Romjul’ Reflections

The holidays are traditionally a joyful, bustling time of festive activities–there are seasonal delicacies, both savory and sweet, to be made. Gifts to wrap. Parties to throw. Trees to trim. Memories to make and store up in our hearts for a lifetime.

But what about taking some time to slow down and reflect on the past year as you prepare for what’s ahead? That’s where the Norwegian tradition of Romjul comes in. It starts on Dec. 27 and ends on New Year’s Eve. In Norway, Romjul is a peaceful time for family and friends to gather, undisturbed by the outside world. The key to enjoying this holiday limbo is to embrace it as a state of mind, rather than a span of time.

Here are just a few ways to spend this sacred time heading into 2023.


Cozy up by the fire on your sofa or recliner with a good book during Romjul. Reading is a great way to escape, relax and keep your mind sharp. Here are some of the best books released in 2022 for you to check out and enjoy:

Board games

It can be difficult to carve out alone time during this period if you have a family. Kids are off school, or back from college for the holidays, family may be in town visiting, etc. A nice way to enjoy Romjul with others is to partake in board games around the dinner table. Here are some of our favorites:


Long walks in the woods

A lot of people bunker down indoors during the holiday season, but staying inside day after day can get you down or feeling lazy, especially after enjoying all your favorite seasonal treats. It’s important to still get some exercise in the sun, even if it’s chilly outside. Bundle up in appropriate gear so you’ll be comfortable and take a drive to a local spot that you find aesthetically pleasing, whether it’s the park down the street, a nearby trail or hiking spot. This is a great family activity, or something you can do solo to clear your mind and rejuvenate your soul heading into 2023.

Clear out or organize your space

It’s not often to have the time to change around our living space and/or clear out clutter. Use the period after Christmas into the new year to rearrange and clean out your living spaces. Go through bookshelves, old movies and DVD’s. Get your closets in order by getting rid of old coats and clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year. It is the season of giving, afterall, so it’s a great opportunity to give back and donate items you don’t need around the house anymore to Goodwill or other charitable organizations.


These are just some ways you can recharge and reset over Romjul. Click here to learn how to incorporate even more Norwegian culture and practices into your holiday. To find all the ultimate comfort heading into the new year, visit your nearest Stressless® dealer today.