How to welcome your Stressless® furniture into the family

Now that you’ve purchased a Stressless® sofa, recliner, office chair or dining room seating, it’s important to officially welcome it to the family. In Norway, hosts are very informal and like to make their visitors feel at home right away, so go ahead and break out the Aquavit and give a toast to your home’s newest mainstay. Spending time as a family will help your new furniture feel more comfortable and make you feel comfortable in return. Here are some family bonding moments to get you started:

Host a family fun night

Is there anything better than all your loved ones cozied up on the sofa watching the latest flick? Or a family game night centered around an oversized ottoman or coffee table? Maybe a living room karaoke competition is more your style. Regardless of what you choose, your new Stressless® furniture will be front-and-center for the fun. Make sure you place some comfortable accent pillows and a couple of throw blankets around to really set the vibe. You’ll have your feet up and the laughs rolling in no time!

Enjoy quiet time on your recliner

Reading, writing, doing puzzles and having heart-to-heart conversations are all quiet moments that you can enjoy with Stressless® furniture. Spend some bonding time reading to your children on your lap or having deep discussions about their day. Fill out your journal or the latest crossword with a cup of tea. Enjoy some of that Norwegian ‘kos’ – the concept of doing something that’s good for the soul – to truly intertwine your new furniture into your daily life.


Let your desk chair support you

It’s not all fun and games when you’re at home; sometimes there is work to be done. Your Stressless® furniture will want to support your kids through late nights of homework and your coffee-fueled, early morning meetings. Superior comfort will certainly enhance the quality of your work as you spend extra contemplative time in your new desk chair.

Throw a dinner party to celebrate

Gather ‘round the table and cook a multi-course meal to really welcome Stressless® furniture into your home! Invite your friends to sit in comfort and camaraderie as you share countless stories and laughs. And to really go all out, try making a traditional Norwegian dish like one of these to share. While you’ll probably want to avoid letting your dining room chairs have a taste of the food, the good news is that your durable seating offers the easiest cleanup.

Stressless® furniture is designed to help make memorable moments last even longer; and there are few moments more memorable than spending time with family and friends. There are many things to do together when hanging out at your house – you can even turn these ideas into a complete staycation! Spend some time getting to know your new furniture and you’ll have made a best friend in the end.