Hygge Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Hygge is about living simpler and enjoying the small things that bring you joy and comfort, so we’ve put together this holiday gift guide that’s full of hygge-inspired items that are sure to help you choose the perfect gift that creates a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.

No matter who’s on your list, our hygge holiday guide will make your holiday shopping easy!

Hand-Knit Items

Nothing says you’ve been thinking about someone quite like an item knitted by hand. Since hygge is usually associated with winter’s frigid temperatures, hand-knit hats and gloves are perfect gifts for the holidays. Paired with a warm coat, thick scarf and insulated pants, these handmade items will keep your loved ones comfortable and help them enjoy the outdoors, even on the coldest winter days!

If you have time to work on a more time-intensive project, a hand-knit blanket is sure to be a treasured gift that’s used year after year. With a wide range of materials to choose from — including the ever-popular Merino wool —a personalized knit blanket symbolizes thoughtfulness that can’t be bought at any store.

Fun Pastime Gifts

When everyone’s finished enjoying the outdoors, it’s great to come inside and spend some time playing board games with loved ones. These interactive gift ideas pull people away from their screens and encourage them to be present in the moment.

Even though hygge is often communal, having some time to yourself and reading a book is comforting and cozy, too! Give the gift of a page-turning novel, a slim collection of poems, an enthralling biography or another book this holiday season. To make it even more special, write a short inscription on the inside cover. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than Nordic Noir, the preferred genre for a cozy Scandinavian night by the fire.

Cozy Décor

When it’s cold outside, it’s important to make the interior of your home as warm and inviting as possible. Sheepskin throw pillows can add a lot of texture to a room and make it feel cozier. Sheepskin pillows are available in a range of colors, so you can pick a color that will complement your recipient’s décor.

Candles are also a great addition to home décor. Throughout the year, Scandinavian homes are filled with the warm light of scented candles. Show how much you know about your loved one by choosing a scent he or she will adore.

Whether you’re giving or receiving one of these gifts, don’t forget to take your time picking them out and savor the time you’re spending with your friends and family this holiday season. That’s what hygge is really all about!