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Incorporating Nordic Traditions in Your Home

For generations, crafting fine furniture has been part of the Norwegian way of life, creating the rich history and tradition of Nordic design. Today, Nordic design — with its dedication to simplicity, beauty and functionality — is hugely influential around the world.

Incorporating Nordic design flair into your home is a great way to make your space look neater and more spacious.

Embrace Natural Wood

One of the most popular aspects of Nordic interior design is the frequent use of bare, natural wood, especially for flooring and furniture. Traditionally, Nordic designs feature lightly stained natural wood, giving the room a warm, earthy feeling that balances modern aspects characteristic of Norwegian design.

In addition to natural wood flooring and furniture, you can add natural wooden accessories to your space, including picture frames, shelving, planters and other relatively small pieces.


Choose Neutral Colors

Nordic styling heavily relies on whites, blacks, grays and browns. In Norwegian interior design, you’ll often find white walls, gray furniture and black or brown trim and accents. These neutral colors provide a functional palate for your home, giving you the freedom to pick other bolder colors for accent pieces. Neutral colors also make your space look airy, bright and relaxing.

When you’re choosing paint for your walls, furniture, décor and more, keep your color palate simple. Neutrals don’t have to be boring, so look for shades of neutrals that speak to you. Your neutrals will make your greenery and bold colors pop!

Use Negative Space

When you see Norwegian design inspiration, you immediately notice the room’s clean and simple look. Even though it’s tempting to decorate every corner of your home, remember that less is more. Borrowed from the art world, negative space in interior design simply refers to the empty space around your stuff. Embrace negative space to achieve the minimalist look popularized by Nordic design.


Clear clutter and take down excessive decorations — including wall art, knickknacks, books, curtains and other unnecessary pieces — to give your space room to breathe and draw attention to a few carefully selected pieces.

No matter where you live, Nordic traditions can bring a breath of fresh air to your home. Focus on the simplicity and functionality of your design, and highlight a few elements that set the tone for your space. Mix your own personal style with Nordic traditions to produce a unique look and feel.