Stressless Style

Lady Lair is the New Man Cave

The man cave isn’t a new concept. It has long been heralded as an essential amenity for any hard-working fellow. It’s his place to relax, unwind and escape from the stresses of his daily routine. While we love the stress-free lifestyle a man cave promotes, the concept needs a little expanding. It’s time for ladies to get in on the action.

For everything she does, the woman of the house deserves a space to call her own; where design meets comfort and relaxation is the only priority on the to-do list. Bonus: It only takes a few simple steps to turn the standard nook into a relaxing retreat.

1. Carve out a space. Space for a lady lair can be found anywhere, from an unused guest room to the corner of a living space. The key is to pick an area that can be cornered off, either by a door or room divider, and is exposed to natural light to get that bright, open feeling.

2. Pick your colors and accessories. Start by choosing a few of your favorite colors, then look for accessories in that hue to inspire a sense of calm. Add art that reflects your unique personality, vacation mementos or organizational tools that meet your needs. Whether you’re using your area to craft, study, write or simply veg out, the key is bringing in a few items that offer positive reinforcement.

3. Get comfortable. Your space only needs one chair, but choose wisely: it’s your throne. The more luxe, the better. This is an opportunity to retreat from the world and comfort is key. Additional comfort-inducing amenities might include plush blankets, scented candles, reading material and noise-canceling headphones.

As New York designer Elaine Griffin once said, a woman cave is “a space where the woman that nurtures everyone can go to nurture herself.” Amen, Ms. Griffin.