Stressless Style

Leather: a timeless material for every home

With the cold winter months arriving and the work-from-home lifestyle manifesting itself in many people’s lives, our homes are places of safe refuge once again. An indoor habitat where we cocoon ourselves as the days get shorter. A place we need to fill with an atmosphere that calms us, that gives stability while being timeless but never boring.

When we think about a material that creates such an atmosphere, we here at Stressless think about Pioneer, Batik, Cori, Paloma and Noblesse. If this wasn’t your first thought, or not what you expected, let us explain. We are talking about leather and the different options available for Stressless furniture.

Stressless® Stella shown in Noblesse Black
Stressless Stella sofa in black

Pioneer is a luxurious full-grain leather with natural imperfections that give it character. Batik is a corrected, pigment-improved and grain-embossed leather, which has had most of its natural marks removed. Cori has a substantial body and a distinct pebbled grain. Paloma is a slightly corrected leather with a thin coat of lacquer that gives it a soft, natural hand and a comfortable expression. Stressless Noblesse is our most exclusive leather—delicate and elegant, its luster characterizes first-class furniture.

Leather is a material that is not only timeless but also natural, earthy, sumptuously soft and durable all at once. Just the right characteristics to make your home a calm and stable, enjoyable environment in which to indulge. Leather is such a versatile all-time classic, it doesn’t even matter what your current interior design looks like. There’s a leather finish that fits your personal style.

Stressless® Emily shown in Paloma Dark Henna
Stressless Emily sofa

Often, people equate leather with masculinity. While it is true that leather can add a masculine tone to a space, it’s all about balancing textures, colors and fabrics. Little accents, from earth-colored brown dining chairs to bright, henna-colored sofas, are all that it takes to transform your home into a warm and stylish, yet chic and even luxurious space.

There are many benefits that come along with it, too.


A complex fabric, leather has a long lifespan. It ages well while it hardly tears when handled correctly. Good leather, which is worth investing in, becomes more flexible with age. When cared for properly, leather retains its form and texture, preserving its value for ages.

Low maintenance

While aging well, leather is also surprisingly easy to maintain when you observe a few precautions we’ve outlined under care and maintenance on our website.  We also recommend applying the Stressless Leather Care Kit every six months to clean and re-protect your leather. The kit is available to purchase at your closest authorized Stressless® dealer.

Stressless® Mayfair shown in Pioneer Grey
Stressless Mayfair Chair

Quintessential comfort

At first, when thinking about leather, many associate stiffness or uncomfortable feeling. An association that is unwarranted. Leather is surprisingly soft and can adjust to body temperature. A feature, similar to skin, that makes it a material that is perfect for a couch or a recliner.

That’s why the material is so popular for use in car interiors. And if you’ve even been car shopping, you know that cars with leather interiors have bigger price tags too. The quality has its price. Similar to the furniture in your home. Whatever is covered in leather will have more value than something that isn’t.


Last and definitely not least, leather is very versatile. You don’t have to choose the couch or dining chair for your leather fix. Sometimes, it is enough to sprinkle some accents throughout the house, with little decorative items such as tabletops or pillows. Others might like it a bit more extravagant with a leather wall cover or living room floor. Either way, it can fit any style and mood.

Paloma leather earth tone samples

Earth tones that contain a mixture of browns and tans are calming, but definitely not dull. They bring a touch of class and, for that matter, Nordic traditions to indoor spaces. Brown might not be as bold as its cousin black, but it still brings an edge while conveying warmth, which is especially attractive as we head into the cooler months of the year. Regardless, the depth of the material will add dimension and interest to your space.

Add color, or simple pale and cream tones to make a room cozier and more comfortable. One item, such as a sofa, is sometimes enough. Even when that is too much, an ottoman or a recliner might do as well.

Keep in mind the design of your room. If all else fails and you still can’t decide, visit one of our Stressless dealers and we can guide you through the many options. We can even help you decide on how to best incorporate Pioneer, Batik, Cori, Paloma or Noblesse into your forever cocoon.