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Less Is More: Embracing Simplicity in Interior Design

In our last post, we offered an overview of the elements of Norwegian design. If this left you inspired to do your own interior redesign, you might be wondering how to get started. In this follow-up post, we’re helping you dial back any worries you might have with one simple rule. In fact, Norwegian design can be distilled into a single, overarching concept that is both easily remembered and unifying in its implementation: Embrace simplicity. It’s, well, as simple as that, and making it happen doesn’t require a move to Norway or an unlimited budget.

Less Is More

Getting your head around a redesign that embraces simplicity must first include a strategy to reduce the buildup of stuff and eliminate the clutter. Simplifying starts with getting rid of things you don’t want or need, particularly those that serve little purpose and don’t add to the new feeling you want your redesign to achieve. Next, once they’re mostly emptied, reevaluate your rooms based on the availability of natural light and the optimal use of space. Determine whether each room is designated optimally. Could your formal and informal dining areas be combined?

As you work to eliminate old furniture and items that do little for you other than take up space, consider the distinctive features that each room has to offer and play to those strengths. Consider gifting or donating unused items, sell what remains, and after you’ve exhausted those possibilities, don’t be afraid to throw things out. As you work to simplify your living spaces, remember that more space means more creative freedom for your Norwegian-inspired redesign.

Keep It Simple and Functional

If you’re settling on a new look for your home and are inspired by Norwegian or even in a broader sense, Scandinavian interior design resolve to keep simplicity in mind throughout the entire redecorating experience. Despite what you may have assumed, you won’t need a lot of fancy gadgets and expensive artwork, but you will want to look for smooth, clean lines.

Recall the Norwegian aesthetic and its focus on natural materials, distinctive lighting, durability and practical elegance. Select functional furniture that accomplishes the basic needs of each space, prioritizing comfort but leaving room for improvisation. Resist the temptation to fill up empty spaces, and let your rooms breathe. Applying Norwegian-inspired design both inside and outside your home, using similarly shaped furnishings and decorations and less of both can open up your living spaces. Done well, it can create a feeling of harmony throughout your rooms, dramatically impacting the way you engage with and make use of your home.

You may find that you enjoy spending time in rooms you rarely used before, but you don’t have to make it happen all at once, so resolve not to pressure yourself. As long as you remember to keep your focus on simplifying without sacrificing comfort, you’ll get there, and new, inspiring ideas will present themselves to you along the way, as your redesign takes shape.