Love in the time of coronavirus

We’ve all been focusing on working from home for the greater good. We’re masking up, washing our hands and social distancing when we go out. But it’s wedding season, for goodness sake! What about all the happy couples who’ve been planning their Big Day for ages? Take heart, all is not lost. It’s still possible to get married and celebrate your love in the time of coronavirus. Remember, you’re taking vows for better or for worse, so this is good practice for the realities of married life. Be flexible. Go with the flow, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Here are some practical ways you can stress less while getting hitched:

Get creative with the venue

Over the last several months, we’ve seen virtual weddings as well as weddings in parking lots, empty pools and even at drive-in theaters. With the popularity of outdoor venues, there are still ways to hold your ceremony IRL with limited seating and creative spacing. In fact, with live sporting events and other gatherings cancelled or postponed, there are myriad locations to choose from. How about a flash wedding in a downtown pocket park, with just the pigeons as witnesses? Perhaps that’s a silver lining of these strange times—couples are downsizing their weddings and rediscovering how special an intimate event can be. 

Make masks part of the attire

Just when you thought there wasn’t anything new under the DIY sun, face masks have given us another way to accessorize brides, grooms and guests. Bespoke wedding masks can be made of lace, silk or simple cotton eyelet, with all manner of beading, bows and fringe, or none at all. It’s a practical keepsake that helps ensure safe socializing, although you’ll have to pull it up or down to sip champagne.

Celebrate with virtual toasts

Yes, you can Zoom or FaceTime your wedding, but consider having your friends and family pre-record their wedding toasts and then create a keepsake collection using a platform like Book of Everyone. Your loved ones can upload videos and well wishes that will all be delivered via email. You can play the montage at your rehearsal dinner, your reception and every anniversary from now on. Or make an audio file, podcast style, and listen to the happy soundtrack of your life whenever you like.

Livestream the wedding

Livestreaming your nuptials ensures that everyone from near and far can be there, at least digitally, regardless of distance, health or mobility. Even before the pandemic, this was a nice way to include elderly relatives or faraway family and friends who couldn’t be with you. Now it’s become the new norm.

Remember that this too will pass, and that you didn’t let anything stand in the way of your happily ever after. As we say in Norway, “Elsk med vett, så varer det lenge”—Love wisely and it’ll last long!

Cover photo by Michelle Barnett Photography