Stressless Style

Meet Our New Low-backs

There’s always a reason to celebrate at High Point Market, but this season especially so. As part of the new Stressless Metro and City style groupings revealed in January, we debuted the first low-back Stressless recliner to designers, media and trade at this season’s High Point Market.

The low-back model has a similar look and feel to the high-back Stressless Metro and City, but it’s the first Stressless with adjustable seat heights, a size that encourages grouping around a table, and a design meant for sitting up, not reclining back. These new features make it the perfect chair for gathering with friends, playing Bridge or savoring a cup of coffee.

11_low-back debut4

11_low-back debut3

In addition to premiering our new low-back style, we also experienced creativity in all forms at High Point. We explored showrooms, plugged in to the latest consumer trends, and networked with colleagues and peers.

Among our favorite trends and finds at High Point were faux fur, vintage looks, patriotic accents, and mixed metal pieces.


11_low-back debut6

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