Luxury: Crafted by Hand

There’s a special quality to a piece in your home that’s handmade. You have the pleasure of knowing someone spent time crafting the item with care. That one-of-a-kind item, whether it be a piece of furniture, artwork or an accessory, will likely be something you always treasure. The little traits that tell you human hands shaped it are what make your prized possession beautiful—even luxurious.

The resurgence of handmade designs in today’s world of mass-produced goods is a welcome alternative for those seeking a one-of-a-kind piece that may be slightly imperfect, tactile and unique.

Hand-knotted rugs…hand painted vessels…hand hammered iron or copper fixtures…textiles by master weavers using interesting or scarce materials…fine leatherwork for seating, coverings or accessories…the opportunity to infuse your home with handcrafted excellence is only limited to your imagination.

For example, a taste for fine things and creative expression doesn’t mean you have to leave your beloved older pieces behind as you fill your home. A woman named Paula put a local artist to work on a few of her more worn family favorites. Walk through the front door of her eclectic home and you’ll find a chest of drawers updated using embellished wallpaper and paint. Head upstairs to the master bedroom to see an old king-sized sleigh bed completely redone to stand on its own today as a one-of a-kind work of art.

“They are older pieces that have memories attached to them,” she said. “My dresser was from when I was a little girl and I wanted to keep it, so I had it refurbished and hand painted. A lot of the pieces were good pieces that just needed work. Now that they are redone I can still cherish the memories that come with them.”

EKOR-Handcrafted -image1

There’s an exclusivity to goods that have elements created by hand. It is something not everyone can have and it is something that was not made easily. Luxuriousness found in the handcrafted comes with uniqueness and authenticity attached to the item. It comes with a story.

“Having a handmade piece is unique because a lot of craftsmanship went into it,” Paula said. “There’s usually a story behind the artist and their craft.”

Knowing someone has put expressive talent and skill into creating a distinct object makes it special. You have the opportunity to pick what speaks to you and place it in your home. These are the things that are sure to last—and be cherished—for years to come.