Stressless Style

Make High-Tech Home Theater a Low-Stress Project

With fall approaching, we are all getting ready for summer’s blockbuster movies to be released for home viewing. What better time than now to renovate your home theater to relive the big screen experience from your sofa? Indulge in a modern viewing atmosphere by focusing on high-tech pieces that offer quality, comfort and style for a matchless presentation. Brent Midyett of @Home Audio Video gave us his breakdown of what trends you should be focusing on in a home theater redesign.

“The next steps in home theater are the 4K displays and projection systems, immersive surround sound technologies like Dolby Atmos and advancements in concealments of speaker systems,” said Midyett.

We’ve explored tips and tricks to add to these to bring your home theater to a whole new level.

The next steps in home theater are the 4K displays and projection systems


If you want a big, loud and cutting edge atmosphere to immerse you into a story’s action, you will first need to think about one thing: sound proofing your space. What is the point of getting the incredible surround sound system you’ve always wanted if people on the other side of the wall are constantly telling you to turn down the volume? Investing in soundproofing your room will help eliminate the noise complaints and get you back to enjoying your favorite action film. Not to mention, soundproofing equipment can improve the sound quality within the home theater.

Midyett stressed,

“With the right room construction, sound-dampening paneling, and speaker system, the sound will be crisp and clean instead of muddled.”

Starting from scratch or completely redoing you home theater? The most effective approach to cut the outside world off from the theater’s noise is to barricade the theater space with sound-dampening dry wall. This can be installed on the walls or ceiling of the room to help keep sound in the space. For a quick fix that does not require construction, there are solutions such as decorative sound dampening panels, carpets and drapes. Throw the colors of your choice together each season to set the perfect mood for whatever vibe you’re after.


Once your room is soundproof, the real fun begins. This is when you can break out a luxurious sounding speaker system to make movies come to life. Wireless systems and smart technology are the way to go. Set your speakers up without bulky wiring, and connect your screen or speakers to your smart phone for easy transitions between movies without getting up from your seat. This allows for customization and ease of use that will make your movie viewing experience dramatically different form a regular session of watching TV on the sofa.


Speaking of seating, you definitely need it to be comfortable. The key is to find sofas and recliners that allow you to escape from the stresses of the outside world with its luxury and performance. Once you have the seating in mind, determine a layout for a unique theater feel.  Try stacked platforms to offer a stadium-seating feel or a semicircle approach for a more intimate experience.

Midyett gave us one thing to keep in mind when figuring out your seating layout and screen size.

“The seating distance in your home theater influences what size of screen you need. The farther away you are sitting, the bigger the screen needs to be.”

Another question to ask yourself when planning your layout is whether or not you want tables, counters, a pantry or bar to house food and drinks in your personal cinema. Get creative with installing sleek counter tops and a stainless steel refrigerator for a modern look. Don’t forget a movie theater staple and bring in a freestanding popcorn machine. If space is limited, a coffee table or side ottoman with wheels can double as eating space or be rolled away for storage. Be sure to tailor it to your wants and needs.


There are so many options when creating your dream home theater. The important thing is displaying your personality through comfort, functionality, décor, and accessories. Once the project is complete, sit back and enjoy stress-free entertainment in the comfort of your home.