Wellness Dept.

What Makes for a Successful Family Meeting

Sometimes, family meetings can be stressful. Unfortunately, sometimes they’re not much fun, either! The good news is that with a few changes, your next family meeting can be a more productive and successful one for everyone involved!

Listening to Each Other

Families who communicate tend to stick together, so when you’re having your next family meeting, make sure you block out time to have an open and honest conversation. What you talk about doesn’t matter as much as how you communicate. Try not to dominate the conversation. Remember to listen carefully, and get everyone involved in the exchange. Everyone deserves a chance to share an idea, relate a story or make a suggestion.

Limiting Distractions

Even when you’re doing fun things with friends and family, it’s too easy to get lost in your smartphone and — even unintentionally — ignore the world around you. Keep everybody’s attention by limiting distractions. Designate a location to drop smartphones — you could use a box or basket near the door — and turn off televisions. Keep your focus on the people around you.

Living in the Present

Because time spent with your family is often limited, it’s important to be present in the moment and make the most of your time together. Living in the present requires practice, so before your family meeting, take some time to work on your mindfulness. Work on being quiet, focusing on your breathing while observing the world around you. After a few minutes of practice every day, you’ll realize that you can give your family the undivided attention they deserve.

Start doing these three things the next time you have a family meeting. With a little practice, you’ll truly be able to appreciate every moment you spend with your family.