Stressless Style

Making Your Home More Inviting

No matter where you live and what your budget might be, you can take definite steps to make your home a more inviting place to gather family and friends. How? Begin by considering what we call the three Stressless “S” words: Senses, Storytelling and Silliness!


When they arrive, what will your guests see, hear, smell, touch or taste first? Put yourself into their shoes, and imagine yourself experiencing each sensation, right from the first step inside your door. Consider adding a visual display to your entryway. Upon arrival, visitors will encounter your choice of artwork, sculpture, poster or wall-hanging, along with your choice of welcoming scents. Expressing your individuality with your own personal tastes in inviting scents and engaging works of art is sure to spark a conversation, too. Next, think about music. Have some playing in the background to set the mood, just loud enough to enhance your gathering.


Spotlight items in your home that reflect your travels, family background or interests. You can use them as conversation-starters and ask your guests to share their similar stories in return. Introduce your guests to something you’ve found interesting or noteworthy of late. This could be anything from a home-improvement project you’re working on around the house to a book you’ve been captivated by. Keep reminders of these items of interest close at hand, so you won’t forget to mention them.


Remember to have a little fun! Ideally, you’ll want to suggest activities that involve face-to-face interaction instead of screen time, but board games, card games, trivia games, lawn games or even video games can be great options for enjoying time with your family and friends.

Whatever your choices, draw your guests in, and don’t be afraid to share what matters to you and what’s been on your mind. There’s something intimate about opening your home to guests. When you create a memorable experience in your home, your guests will look forward to another visit that brings you all together again.