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Making Memorable Vacations

Whether enjoying a beach trip in the sun or a weekend of hiking in the mountains, preserving your memories is an important part of the adventure. We’ll share a few of our best tips to make sure you remember the moments that matter.

1. Plan, but Don’t Over Plan: Some of the best moments come from unexpected detours and surprises found along the way. Paint with broad strokes when it comes to your plans and you’ll find yourself gifted with the treasures of the road. Sketch out where you’ll be traveling to and when. Include definite stops and activities you want to make and leave the rest to chance. You’ll be astonished how relaxing and enjoyable letting life happen can be.

2. Picture Perfect: Studies have shown that people who take less photos actually remember events better in the future. Try to take a few high-quality photos that you’ll want to hang on to forever. Taking this “less is more” approach will free your mind up to enjoy the sites, sounds and people around you.


3. Pick Great Souvenirs: When you’re traveling, skip the kitschy souvenirs. Many cities have a local art co-op where only artists who live in the area are featured. Local rummage sales or antique stores can also be excellent places to find unique souvenirs. Instead of buying the same things that every tourist can get their hands on, select a couple of pieces that are special and that you’ll cherish forever.

4. Write It Down: As much as you believe the contrary, once you get home you will not remember your tour guide’s name, or the artist whose work you loved so much, or maybe even the hotel where you stayed. Jot down your thoughts and ideas as you go—names of places, the great things you saw and how they made you feel; the more details the better! Having a detailed account of your travels allows you to reflect on and appreciate your trip years down the road. Memories made, memories kept.

Every trip is an opportunity to make lifelong memories. Leave your reality behind and embrace traveling with the ones you love.