Wellness Dept.

Meet you at the hytte?

With over a year of isolation under our belts, we have to figure out how to emerge. We were dependent on the free space and fresh air the outdoors offered as we distanced from each other and avoided the indoors.

It’s time to redefine our relationships with nature, family and friends, and ourselves. How do we maintain the appreciation and joy we felt for parks and trails? How do we shift our mentality from digitally spending time together to being able to share a meal in person again? Once more, we find ourselves needing to take note from the Norwegians.

Cabin by a fjord

Friends, we think it’s time for you to plan your hyttetur.

A hyttetur, or a cabin trip, is a sacred tradition in Norgwegian culture. But it’s not just your everyday road trip to the mountains with family and friends. For Norwegians, a hyttetur is also a mentality.

Year-round, Norwegians head to hyttes (cabins), huts, or cottages to unplug from everyday tasks, reconnect with loved ones, and soak in the Norwegian fjords and awe-inspiring scenery. It’s an adored tradition meant to bring you closer to your surroundings, closer to each other, and closer to yourself.

A group hiking

“But I can’t get to Norway right now … “

We thought you might say that. We get it. It’s not the quickest or easiest trip to get to a Norwegian fjord anytime you need a few days to unplug and relax. But like we said before, the hyttetur is a way of life for Norwegians. There are a few things to glean from the mystical magic found in a hytte…

1. Allow nature to be a refuge

The point of a hyttetur is to soak in the nature Norway has to offer. So soak in the great outdoors wherever you find yourself. Typical activities for Norwegians on their hyttetur are hiking, cycling, and skiing. But you can also indulge in the silence of the fjords by baking, playing a board game, or just taking a long, deep breath. Try one out this weekend!

2. All are equal

Traditional hyttes are very small, creating an intimate environment. In the hytte, every person is equal and no one is a guest – we’re all friends here. Everyone cooks, everyone cleans, everyone has fun. Be the friend that asks to cook a meal. The friend that grabs dishes off the table to clean. The friend that asks if you’re having fun. Be a friend.

3. Abandon the excursions

There are no guided tours. No rooftop bars. No amusement parks. No zoos. It’s just you, your cabin mates, and the great Norwegian fjords. Take a whole Saturday to completely unplug. No phones, no computers, no TVs. We suggest unplugging your cell phone, and plugging in your waffle-maker to pay tribute to the Norwegians’ love of the waffle!

Cooking with friends

Norwegian waffles typically come in the shape of a heart and truly hold a special place in the hearts of many. The scent of a freshly made waffle takes each of us back to many places, yes? To the Norwegians, it takes them right back to the feeling of home.

But don’t worry. We’ll still allow your favorite Stressless recliner, sofa or sectional to furnish your hytte. You can sit back, have your waffle, AND eat it too. It’s all about rest and relaxation, right?

Hopefully one day you’re able to grab all of your favorite people and set out on your very own authentic Norwegian hyttetur. But for now, enjoy your hiking, cycling, and heart-shaped waffles.