Stressless Style

Mid-Century Made Modern

Part of the allure of incorporating mid-century pieces into the look of your home is knowing that they’re crafted to withstand the test of time. If you haven’t yet done so, you should. There’s something reassuring about sitting in a chair or putting your feet up on a coffee table that has such an illustrious design pedigree. If your home already has mid-century elements, then maybe it’s time to let your look evolve. To help you along, here’s some backstory on our retro styles, along with some inspiration for your home.

When you look back at our very first leather lounge set, introduced in 1969, you’ll notice:

1)   Clean lines

2)   Use of metals where one might normally see wood

3)   Body-hugging shapes



At the time, these elements were all hallmarks of a uniquely new, highly functional and unfussy approach to seating offered by Stressless®. It also marked a notable contrast to the wingbacks and ruffled pleats that filled dealer showrooms.

Today, many of these same characteristics have evolved and entered the market again under a specific name: mid-century modern. And this style is being met with great enthusiasm.

For example, our Stressless Metro is getting rave reviews from designers and consumers who point to its sleek lines, lightly tufted leather and metal base. The photo below showcases the recliner in a Seattle home. Take a closer look to note the touches in this mid-century modern home that make it a success.



Want to bring mid-century modern to the mix in your home? Or build on what you’re already doing? Visit and get inspired! You’re bound to find a look, old or new, that you will love.